We Make IT Work
Our Story
To Us, IT Is Personal

CEO and Founder, Marc Reid, entered the IT field at 18 years old when he began working for the  Xerox Corporation as an IT technician. For over 20 years, Marc has worked with major companies, such as TD Bank and IBM, as an IT consultant, specializing in financial infrastructures across LAN/WAN, and Windows based platforms. Ten years ago, he established TEK-Assist to offer technologies that accommodated the fit of both home-based and corporate clients.  Likewise, he wanted his company to focus on both excellence in service and proficient knowledge by building a staff that inherently and instinctively implemented excellent customer support along with exceptional expertise. Marc wanted to offer services that helped ordinary people embrace the ease and usefulness of technology in the workplace but also at home.

What makes TEK-Assist unique is that we are truly a client-centered company. We put the client's needs first because we are service-oriented.  TEK-Assist is dedicated to building relationships. We live by the credo: trust, transparency, honesty, knowledge, and excellence in IT.  What further differentiates us from our competitors are our on and off premise and Internet-based services. Our mission to be the primary vendor retained by companies and individuals for all of their technical support needs.  

We have set our goal to use our extensive skills and qualifications to be the greatest asset to those we serve.  With certified professionals and on-staff subject matter experts, we are determined to exceed your expectations by delivering quality services that are tailored to our clients. The benefit of our services is customizable solutions that are professional and convenient.  Not to mention, we are cost effective in the long-term, where it counts most.

What keeps TEK-Assist sustainable among our competition is our focus and specialization in developing support around the needs of our clients’ industry, personal use and work production.  We also bring services to our clients, versus having our clients come to us for support. 

TEK-Assist believes that technology has three key responsibilities:

  1. to make computing and communication tasks easy and secure 
  2. to work optimally and fluidly 
  3. to adapt to the objectives of the end-user

We see technology as an extension of the individual or business being served. To us, IT is very personal. People engage and interact with software and devices in ways that fit both form and function. When our staff consults with clients, the focus is on how will technology be used, what technology is "realistically" needed, and who is the end-user.  Then, the goal is to identify an IT platform that matches the objectives of our clients.